How to track a 2D image / footage to a real world object

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Hi there,
I have been searching all day for an answer to this, but ive been unsuccessful. Maybe someone on here has an idea?

So im trying to track images or footage / video content onto a real world object. For instance, a short video onto a juicebox. Ive already been working with markers but these only track my content onto a specific marker image. Now, how could I make the content only appear on the object, e.g. juicebox? And a step up, how could I make it e.g. wrap around the corner of the juicebox?

Ive also seen the ML features used to generate alpha masks or the world mesh features for photogrametry, however, im not sure if this is a little overkill? Of course, some how a mask of the juicebox would need to be created...or I create the object in 3D but the tracking would have to be on point of course...

I have a background in 3D and VFX (Nuke & Maya) so im not unfamiliar with the concepts, im just very inexperienced in Lens Studio.

I would really appreciate some advice!
Thanks in advance :smile: