Environment lighting or material setting ?


Hello everyone.
Brand new user here!
I have managed to import and scale my own gltf with uvs. The model in gltf viewer shows it correctly however in Lens, I get this what seems like a material issue being applied. I have tried editing the settings of the material for many hours now but I just get random coloured denominations of the same and nodes in 3d a very new to me.
Unable to locate info yet to remedy in the manual, ai helper, support, discord or tutorials sadly. Someone suggested to remove the material and make it vertex paint within Lens but I can’t work that out and it doesn’t solve the fact that any model I bring in, had the same problem unless it’s from a pre made Snap template.
Files at this link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1cbivBp2dDBz2Xt73AM_yr5M-EbbEg6jL
Many Thanks