How to redeem a Temu coupon code {ach32037}

Himanshu Dubey
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To redeem a $100 Temu coupon code "ach320371," follow these steps: When you place an order, our system will automatically apply the optimal coupon that helps you maximize your savings.

  • Add Coupon Code to Your Account:
  • Go to your Temu account page on the Temu app or website.
  • Select "Coupon codes" from the menu to view your unused, used, and expired coupons.
  • Applying a New Coupon:
  • If you have a new coupon code, enter it into the entry field on the "Unused" tab.
  • Click "Apply" to add the coupon to your account.
  • Redeeming the Coupon:
  • When making a purchase on the Temu app or website, proceed to checkout.
  • Enter the coupon code "ach320371" during the checkout process.
  • Click "Apply" to redeem the coupon and enjoy the associated discount or benefits