FullBodyMesh problem

鍾孟宸 智慧商務系
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Good evening! I am a beginner with Blender. I would like to ask why two FBX files behave differently when applied to the FullBodyMesh in Lens Studio. Is there an issue with how they were saved? I've been confused about this all night and hope to get an answer!

https://github.com/B11056004/FullBodyMesh-problem/blob/e4c4fe69b03f44ce20ccb60a9d5ca452d4eab1d3/bad one.png

https://github.com/B11056004/FullBodyMesh-problem/blob/e4c4fe69b03f44ce20ccb60a9d5ca452d4eab1d3/good one.png

Note: Both are the same model. After changing the color of one and saving it, it can no longer be displayed in FullBodyMesh.
The files and images are all in the GitHub repository, the link is below.