Eye tracking: print Y rotation value

Coral Orca
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Hello, I am trying to trigger an animation when the user looks to the right.
I am currently using the Face Expression template with the Copy Rotation script to figure things out and isolate the Y rotation value that should track if the user looks to the left or the right.
But I am not sure how to print the eye rotation value, and trigger an animation with "If Xrotation>n THEN play animation".
I would love to get a bit of help to show me the way! Thanks


  • OK I have added this line in the onUpdate function :

    function onUpdate() {
    if (sourceTransform) {
    print (script.sourceObject.getTransform().getWorldRotation());

    which gives me something like this

    10:26:40 [Scripts/CopyRotation.js:26] {x: 0.0581775, y: 0.0432058, z: -0.0289305, w: 0.996951}

    getting closer :)

  • Ok I got it

    var sourceTransform;

    if (script.sourceObject) {
    sourceTransform = script.sourceObject.getTransform();
    } else {
    print ("[CopyRotation] Source object is not set");

    function onUpdate() {
    if (sourceTransform) {
    print (script.sourceObject.getTransform().getWorldRotation().y);


    var updateEvent = script.createEvent("UpdateEvent");