When I'm trying to do 3D Body Tracking, how do I create attachment points for my model of a jacket?

Isabella Rolfe
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In the "Two Spacesuits" example the attachment points are connected to the physical spacesuit. How do I create attachment points for the jacket I created? Where do I do that? I think this is the correct way to make sure the jacket moves with arms. Right now, it only resizes and moves with the trunk of a person's body, but the arms do not align. I assume because it has no attachment points.

So, how do I create these attachment points for a jacket?


  • Bakari Mustafa
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    To create attachment points for a jacket, you can use the "Attachments" component in Lens Studio.

    To add attachment points to a jacket:

    1. Select the jacket object: In the Scene panel, select the jacket object to that you want to add attachment points to.
    2. Add the "Attachments" component: In the Inspector panel, click the "Add Component" button and select the "Attachments" component.
    3. Create the attachment points: In the "Attachments" component, click the "Add Attachment" button to create an attachment point. Repeat this step to create additional attachment points.
    4. Configure the attachment points: For each attachment point, you can specify the name and location of the attachment point. The name of the attachment point should match the name of the attachment point on the spacesuit. The location of the attachment point should be the position where you want the attachment point to be located on the jacket.
    5. Connect the attachment points: Once you have created the attachment points on the jacket, you can connect them to the attachment points on the spacesuit. To do this, select the spacesuit object in the Scene panel and click the "Connect" button for each attachment point in the "Attachments" component. In the "Connect" dialog, select the corresponding attachment point on the jacket.