Lenses not working correctly in Snap Camera desktop app


Hi, Whenever I make a new lens in lens studio and upload it, It is not showing correctly in Snap Camera for PC (my exclusive use case) - Showing a model without textures. This occurs either with imported texture files or even with a simple Diffuse.

This seems to be an issue with the new versions of lens studio, but I cannot seem to re-download older versions anywhere. Does anyone either have a fix for this issue or a download for an older version of lens studio not affected by this issue


  • Vintendo Power

    yeah same issue here and have been looking for an Older version

  • Chunkeyninja

    @Vintendo Power I was able to luckily find an old installer I had on my office PC. its for 4.16 which is a bit older than I hoped for but I was able to upload a lens to Snap Cam without issue. You can grab it from my drive here if you want if you're a windows user. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-SttHIYo7vAg7Js77a82O5yPGPdE0K1X/view?usp=sharing

    If anyone from Snap does see this thread, I would ask that you consider doing proper versioned downloads or at least make the downloads available somewhere. There's a reason programs like Blender do it cause you never know what is going to get broken. I appreciate the PC app is probably very low priority, but for some of us its our only reason for using it.