AR Hackathon invitation!

Ines Hilz
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hey guys! :)

I am organising an AR Hackathon with A MAZE indie game festival in Berlin and invite you to participate 🤩 The goal is to develop concepts and prototypes of playful AR Projects in groups or solo.

It's free to join + free access to the online and on-site event from 13th - 17th of may!

Our partner Leibniz Association wants to fund some ideas and projects from this Hackathon so it's a great possibility to make something cool ☺️ + a great network of AR people 🙌

Hope to see U there!

I you need some inspiration, i also made a lens for this event:


  • Maxime Cabrol

    Thank you very much !

    This hackathons looks very interesting, I'm going to look into it