Body Segmentation + Gauss Blur surrounding= purple checkerboard result in snap camera

Bèatrice Baudelaire
edited July 2022 in General #1

Hey guys,

For the last three hours I've tried to replicate an old lens I made ( I dont remember on which Lens Studio Version unfortunately ) ,where I am using the Body Segmentation Mask and the Post Effect - Gauss Blur , to blur out the background/area around me and while in Lens Studio V4.25 it looks just as I intend it , while applying the lens in Snap Camera , I get the purple checkerboard as if a material or image is missing.

I have triple checked that all the materials are assigned correctly , that the needed textures are in the project folder, I've tried setting the camera both on default & ortographic mode but I just cannot figure it out so please help me, am I doing something wrong or is there any error in using the newer Lens Studio versions ?

Link for old lens i've made that works just as intended -

If this effect is no longer possible to replicate in the new Lens Studio version , where can I download an older version that will work ? I've looked only & I can't find them so please help me out with that if you can.

Later edit : Fixed it with Lens Studio version 4.1