Possible to Tap to Record Video instead of Hold to Record?

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I am currently working on a Lens Studio game, where I want the Lens to automatically record after tapping a UI Start button. If possible, how can I automatically record the Lens after tapping a button, instead of holding down on the screen?

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  • brandon
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    It is not possible unfortunately.

  • Pete Baron @ Plai

    At Plai we're currently creating a lens which needs to be operated at a distance. We have a 'gesture button' which starts the activity when you hold your hand over it in the front camera selfie image.
    We would very much like for the user to be able to start recording when they use the gesture to start the activity - without all that horrible stuff at the start where they're putting the device in place then walking back to their location.

    I believe that you are probably reluctant for lenses to start recording by themselves, because of the potential for abuse... but I wonder if we could have a feature where the user activates recording as they currently do, but we are allowed to pause and resume it from our activities?