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Tariq B
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When we try to share a new lens, especially as an AR lens and we want our subscribers and new Snapchatters can be able to find it quickly by letting the creator Pin up to 3 lenses in his Public Profile And showing it on the top left as "Pinned" for every 3 lenses pinned that will be so cool if it's done and I am sure every SLN member and creators would love to have this feature.

An example I made:

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  • UAEpro
    UAEpro Posts: 3

    Yea this will be one of the best futures to promote some lenses in our profiles

  • Tariq B
    Tariq B Posts: 96 🔥🔥

    @UAEpro It would be cool for anything on the profile including Spotlight videos as well to be pinned

  • Tariq B
    Tariq B Posts: 96 🔥🔥