When updating a lens do not erase preview/tags/CTA

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It's quite a pain to re-type all lens tags, re-upload the lens preview image, and re-type CTA options each time we need to update a lens. Specially when releasing a new lens it's very often necessary to fix bugs or make improvements. And when you launch lots of lenses all the time the issue gets very annoying.



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  • Ines Hilz
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    Yes! Right now it's not so much an "update", but more a "reupload" under the same URL/snapcode.. Now that we also haveto set categories every time, it get's so tideous and annoying.. would greatly appreciate it!

  • Sonia
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    Hi there!

    This should not be the case. When you update a lens, it should be storing tags and categories. If you come across this issue again, please send us an email at [email protected].


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