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Jon Meggitt
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Hi. Following on from my question in office hour, I 'm keen to explore if we can create offline lenses (like the BigMouth lens in the CameraKit demo) so that user's don't have to connect to internet to download lenses from Snap servers (our app will be used in remote locations with poor/no internet). I understand that there are capability checks that are run during the serving of lenses to cater for different devices and this means any local lens would need to be 'lowest common denominator'. Is this something you'd be willing to explore?

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  • stevenxu
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    @Jon Meggitt Thanks for the question and follow up! I have shared this with our Product team to review for their roadmap. I will also move this to the "Feature Requests" category to allow other developers & community members to vote if this is a common request.

    Thanks for your patience!

  • Thanks @stevenxu !

  • Pico Alta
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    In addition to this question: is caching of lenses possible? So, when a lens has been opened in the past, will we be able to load it from cache?

  • @Pico Alta

    Yes it is, typically you should have 4-8MB/Lens for every cached Lens to avoid cache evictions. App can configure cache using configureCache API on Android or SCCameraKitCacheConfig on iOS.

    You can combine this with Prefetching Lenses as well to quickly load Lenses the first time as well.