How can I add a mouth open trigger to an existing lens?


I'm sure this is something very basic, but I'm totally new to the platform. I want to show some flames when a person's mouth opens. I don't know how to detect the mouth opening, or even where to select flames to use. Help!


  • samu
    samu Posts: 18 🔥

    Hello welcome to Lens Studio!
    you can achieve this with the Behavior helper script!

  • h00pak
    h00pak Posts: 3

    Thank you. I think this is a screen shot of the Inspector. So, I select my face mask, then click + in the Inspector, choose Script, and then click Add Script, click + and then Helper Scripts>Behavior and then OK.
    I then change touch event to face event, event type to Mouth Opened, and Response Type to Set Enabled, per the screen shot. Now if I click Target, I don't have a place to choose the fire video in my resources.
    Okay. So now what?