How can I add a mouth open trigger to an existing lens?


I'm sure this is something very basic, but I'm totally new to the platform. I want to show some flames when a person's mouth opens. I don't know how to detect the mouth opening, or even where to select flames to use.

I had someone explain these steps, but I don't know what to do know.
* Select my face mask

  • Click + in the Inspector
  • Choose Script
  • Click Add Script
  • Click +
  • Click Helper Scripts>Behavior and then OK.
  • I then change touch event to face event, event type to Mouth Opened, and Response Type to Set Enabled. Now if I click Target, I don't have a place to choose the fire video in my resources.
    Okay. So now what?



  • Blades
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    Well do you already have a flames effect or animation created? If so then click the + icon in the resource panel and select it from the files on your device (or drag and drop it).
    If you don’t have a flames effect or animation of your own, then in the top left there’s a button titled “Asset Library”. Here you can find all sorts of things to import into your resources panel to use in your lens. It’s updated constantly and I’m sure you could find a flames effect that suits you.
    Once you have the resource you want, drag and drop it into your objects panel, and toggle the check box to the right of it off.
    Next add it to the behavior script to be enabled when a face event occurs.

  • AHMAD Khawaldah

    You can download a video of the flame from several sites and insert it into the design according to the order