Lens not in explorer


I'm new to this and I made some few lens and I published it yesterday. My lens are public but it's not showing in explorer. Plus I used my other accounts multiple times to try those lens but my view is still 0. And I subscribed to my main account using my other accounts, just to see if I could see it in subscription creator in explorer but it's not there. So I concluded that these are happening not because my lens are new, it's probably because it's not officially published in public.


  • Blades
    Blades Posts: 9

    @Candy your lens are indeed public, they have to be used a little bit before they will show up by search in the explorer. The view count on them is usually delayed by a few days, so it’ll take some time to see whether or not someone has played your lens. Hope this helps.

  • Rana Ahmad

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