upload lens - H problem uploading


Hi guys
i create upload lens i want to upload a video from camera or gallery ,but got problem in uploading the video couldnt upload it.when press on video that i choose it its reset its self the lens or canceled.
i try to press the button as you can see in video its record my voice but i want the original audio of video without my voice.

please guys help me solve that problem.
i record to show you guys how i made the lens if not correct help me, note i re-install lens studio and snapchat and restart my phone and laptop but the problem still.

also note i tried lens of other people its still not working in my phone.
is the problem in my phone itself ?
i have Samsung s20.

thank you guys.


  • R Design

    this is link of screen record video.
    please help me guys

    thank you

  • Bakari Mustafa
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    It could be a problem with the way you have set up the button in your Lens, or it could be a problem with the video file itself.

    One thing you could try is checking the file size of the video you are trying to upload. If the file is too large, it might be causing problems when you try to upload it. You could try compressing the video or using a smaller resolution to see if that helps.

    You could also try checking the permissions on your phone to make sure that the app has access to the camera and storage.