add network proxy setting

i can't publish any lens while complete the work. it give a network error. my network is ok , i can login in on chrome . i think it because of the vpn setting.


  • i think so. I had the same problem. I tried it twice with two computers. They all failed, and I think the VPN setting was the reason. Can snap ar solve this problem soon? It really bothered me for a long time. :'(:'(:'(

  • I had the same problem.

  • Sure, I can help you with setting up a network proxy on your device. However, the steps may vary depending on the operating system you're using (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android check white forum , iOS, etc.). Since you didn't specify your operating system, I'll provide general instructions that should work for most systems. If you're looking for instructions specific to your operating system, please let me know

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    I completely understand your frustration, and I've experienced similar issues myself. It's really disappointing when a promising tool like Snap AR doesn't work as expected, especially when VPN settings might be the culprit. Hopefully, the Snap AR team is aware of these issues and is actively working on resolving them. It's essential for them to provide a seamless experience for all users. Fingers crossed that they can address this problem soon so that we can enjoy using Snap AR without any hiccups! 😔