how to have multiple unsynched 2D animations dynamically?


Hi! have not found much about this topic, mainly this tut

in the tutorial they are multiplying the animation asset in the assets folder, trying to figure out an amount valid for their game.

what if I dont know in advance the maximun number?
also, what if I would rather just have one animation to edit in the assets folder, instead of.. idk.. a ton?

I will eventually have many animations (about 10 - 15 different animations) to be applied simultaneously to 1 - 20 characters

I tried cloning the material, cloning the texture.control, but each cloned control still seems to playback the other character's texture animation as well

is there anything new that would help me? or I should just start duplicating manually all animation assets?

Thanks a ton!


  • Max
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    An animated texture asset indeed always plays at the same speed/offset everywhere it's used.

    There is another option to make it variable though!
    If you export the animation as a sprite sheet instead of a frame sequence, you can use the Flipbook node in custom materials materials to make the texture play at different speeds for each of these materials.
    Then they can also be fully controlled through script, if you set that up in the Material Editor.