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Hi everyone,
I've had a brand ask about the cost of creating a world effect filter for them and am having trouble finding Snapchats pricing structure. Does anyone know if there is a page/guideline for this so I can give some cost estimates?
I've only created free community effects before so am completely in the dark with how to create for a brand, any help would be appreciated.


  • Good question but there is no such pricing structure as such. Which means you have an advantage to quote your own prices. Now take for example me, When I started making lenses and posting my lenses on groups and forum. Respective brands spotted me and liked my work and they contacted me. I honestly asked them to guide me cos I never done stuff like this before for anyone. They were nice to me and as they payed me by paypal the minimum transaction was 100 $ i think cos it was my first time using paypal. So I quoted $100 per lens. Plus tax cos any digital product has a certain amount of tax (check it online). I don't know what other lens creator quotes plus nobody gonna tell. Business secret lol

  • Paula Clark

    Thanks Joel, that's very helpful. You're lucky to have had such nice clients.
    I need to guide the client on publishing the filter as well and wasn't sure if it needed to fall under an ad or anything like that as it's for a brand. I remember looking into this a few years ago and that seemed to be the case and had some publishing costs associated but I can't seem to find anything like that anymore. Maybe the rules have changed?

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    It had been about 6 to 7 months since I joined Snapchat later discovering about creating lens and so on. I didn't come across such rule yet but I did try an experiment with a friend of publishing lens from my account to her account. All she had to do is add me as admin from her settings and I can publish from my computer into her account. So there reduces the hassle of explaining the front person how to do what to do where to go where to click and so on. I am sure there must be same settings at your clients end where they have to chose you as admin. There is another option as "creator" but the problem with that is incase the lens is faulty or your client does not like it or wants to change then there is no way to delete it. Where as in admin you have the option to delete. But if you chose for update lens then it will take about a day to get updated. And nobody likes to wait.

  • modelsbymike3d

    It depends a lot on what features they want in the lens. Occasionally for really simple lenses (e.g. changing the background) I'll go down into the range of several hundred dollars, but usually I start at $2k USD and go up from there depending on complexity. Other things to consider are if they are providing assets or if you have to make them from scratch and the project timeline.

    Sometimes they'll pass due to the price, so be judicious if you want to go lower to get the client. I once gave someone a super steep discount in the hopes of future work, but when they came back later for more lenses they weren't willing to pay my regular prices.

    And then sometimes I'll have YouTubers with small channels reach out for a lens for Snap Camera for their streams. I'll sometimes make a lens for them for like $20 depending on my availability. So it also depends on who's asking for a lens.