Tap to place a 2D asset?


Hey friends!

I'm trying to allow the user to tap to place the liquify element. I have the interaction and manipulate parameters working so dragging the object works just fine, but I just can't get a tap to place to work!! I tried a behavior script set to touch event and set position but no dice. Any advice?



  • Heh, had the same exact idea, I figure if I could turn the distortion texture for the analog tv effect into either text input or media upload than I can leggo and tape something like this to fly. My other idea is to make..... prestickers, yes I use so many stickers I want to add them to the snap before it has been snapped to allow for the "soft limit" on stickers and time spent on a single snap to be circumvented. [No joke I made Hidden messages and secret sender lenses to evade competing platform blocking AIs in apps that disallow texting or standard lettering in a image that contain keywords, ideally there would be a post filter that reveals the distortion letters super clear but it's just not that sophisticated.

    The new eraser touch input thing can be liquify-alized, the whole tap and drop thing seems to conflict with the expected inputs at that time in the snap. taps activate flashes and flip screens or focus cameras, maybe the tap will have to be an independent UI button that says "tap to tap to drop"