With the decision to shut down SnapCamera, what are any possible alternatives?


I'm severely dismayed that Snap decided to shut down the desktop version of SnapCam with very little notice and with no good reason as to why, however as it seems like we need to find something similar, has anyone found anything like it? Any Ideas? The "SnapCam for Web" version is not even close to the same thing and is sub-par when compared to the program itself. Any ideas?


  • Eric Reynolds


  • Skye Wilde

    i too am SERIOUSLY dismayed at this news. I know for a fact that myself and several creators would gladly pay for it, if you are shutting it down, can anyone please suggest alternatives? COME ON PROGRAMMERS!!! THERE IS A LOT OF $$$$$$$$$ TO BE MADE HERE.

  • pamelahoward

    Following as well. This has ruined a lot of good features for multiple streamers I know.

  • Bakari Mustafa
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    As far as alternatives go, it really depends on what you're looking for in a camera application. Some options you might consider include OBS Studio (for capturing and streaming video), ManyCam (for adding special effects and overlays to your webcam feed), or just using the built-in camera app on your computer :|