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Could anyone point me in the right direction for instructions on properly exporting from Marvelous Designer to Lens Studio? What is a good pipeline? I'm having issues importing fbx files from MD. A simple test of a basic t-shirt imports but the mesh is distorted and large and placed way above the camera for tracking. Other more complex fbx models show errors on importing "contains unsupported inheritance type" and essentially does the same thing as the t-shirt when applied to a body mesh. I can't seem to find good documentation on this work flow and the best practice for this process. It appears the workflow between blender and lens studio works and does it require that I bring the fbx models into blender first then re-export the model? Thanks for any guidance!


  • Pat Kim
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    i think i can help you, i have a lot of experience that AR fashion filter

    what do you want to use system in lens studio ? 3D body mesh or 3D body tracking ?

    it look like similar but modeling file will be made very different way \

    so pls let me know what do you want to use lens studio system (body mesh or 3D body tracking)

    and if you are korean i can help you more deeply

  • Hello @Pat Kim I'm actually building a filter for Korean Hanbok which I designed in Marvelous Designer but not sure of the pipeline to bring it into lens studio. It would be 3D body mesh which requires 3D body tracking, if my assumptions are correct. What is your work flow? Any advice would be great. And yes, I'm Korean-American.

  • ‏This is the explanation of the lesson Fashion

  • Myoung Kang i would love to know ik you found a solution? I'm facing the exact same problem and cant figure out how to solve it.

  • HAD AR
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    @Willemijn van Arnhem jn van arnhem @Myoung Kang @pat kim
    I have the exact same problem, I'd really appreciate you guys sharing your solutions, if you found ones.

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  • audun
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  • I found the solution, selects (cm) DAZ when making your project and aswell when you save your garment.