Many Lenses are missing/not working in Snapchat Camera, but why?


Many lenses like Crying , Sailor´s Cap and so on are not able to be added into Snapchat Camera on PC (Latest version: 1.19.0).
Will there be soon a new update or is Snap Camera abandoned?


  • samu
    samu Posts: 18 🔥

    We never got a direct answer on why Snap Camera doesn't show some of the Snap Inc lenses, as for updates it's still compatible with the updates from Lens Studio so your current projects will still show on Snap Camera even if Snap Camera itself isn't being updated.

  • Pixel Wizard

    Snapchat lenses have not come up up in Snap Camera searches for at least 2 years. I have some in my favorites from before then that work, but even those you cannot find in a search now.

  • David Zenler

    Most lenses exported don't work with snap camera a bit shoddy really I mean why invent snap camera if it does not work