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In older versions of Lens Studio it was possible to export visual scripts. You just needed to right click on the visual script you wanted in the resource window, select the Export option, and save it as a .lsscript file. This could then be loaded into other projects.

However, in the latest version of Lens Studio this seems to be no longer possible. The Export option no longer appears on the menu when you right click on the visual script.

Is there another way to export and share scripts?


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  • audun
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    You can indeed export the textures, however. You can right click the texture in the Resources panel and select "Show in Finder" to open it in your computer file explorer.

    From Jonathan's reply.

    So basically you can't export from the resource panel, but from the Objects panel. (Click layer and click CTRL+ E)

  • Mark Billinghurst
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    Thanks - but that's not quite what I was after. I would like to save the Visual Script, not the texture object.

    In previous versions of Lens Studio you could right click a Visual Script from the resource panel and an export option would appear, but now when I right click on a Visual Sript I now only see "rename" and "duplicate" options, where it used to be "rename", "duplicate" and export as the first three options :(

    Anyone got any ideas?

  • audun
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    Ignore the text saying textures :tongue:

    The export option got moved from resources panel to the objects panel basically.

  • Mark Billinghurst
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    Great - thanks so much. It seems not as intuitive as before, but it works :)


  • Len
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    Hi Mark, this wasn't an intentional change thanks for surfacing it. It will be fixed in the next release.