Is there a way to use a user's altitude as a variable for my filter?

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I want to make a filter that displays what the rising sea levels will look like due to climate change based on your location and altitude. Is there a way to get the altitude snapchat already calculates and use it as a variable to figure out how far above sea level the user is?


  • audun
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    I found the LocationRadialEvent event in the docs, but:

    Location Trigger runs on custom API for Spectacles 2021. It will not run on your phone or in Lens Studio. Due to the experimental nature of the API, the Lens cannot be published, but can be pushed directly to your device.

    The latest official reply I could find goes back to 2018.

    Lens Studio currently doesn't expose any user details, nor allow geolocation of any kind.

    Your idea sounds quite unique and useful!
    If you or anyone else were to find a solution, please let me know so I can try it out!

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    feature request