Change skin color


I have been looking for templates and found the Skin Segmentation tutorial for tattoos and ways to apply makeup to faces. But I can´t find anything that just applies a tint color to the skin. It should be easy. Any clue?


  • Abhinav Setia⭐

    hey for skin segmentation there is project in lens studio and there are many makeup tutorial on youtube for tint color in skin you can also try lightroom presets

  • Libasoles
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    I´ve found a way. It's simple. Not perfect though. I recorded a video to show how it's done:

    You Abhinav mention there are several videos on youtube already, but I've found none. Maybe because we search in different parts of the planet, idk.

  • haniajackson

    @Libasoles said:
    Sure, I can help you out with that! Adding a tint color to the skin in Snapchat is a bit different from using templates or applying makeup, but it's definitely doable. Here's a simple step-by-step guide on how to apply a tint color to the skin:

    Open Snapchat and take or upload a photo.
    Tap on the "Tools" icon, usually represented by a paintbrush or pen icon.
    Select the "Scissors" tool from the available options. This tool allows you to draw and cut out specific areas of the photo.
    Carefully trace around the area of the skin where you want to apply the tint color. Make sure your outline is precise.
    Once you've completed the outline, Snapchat will automatically create a sticker from the selected area.
    Now, tap on the sticker you created, and a menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    Choose the "Color Tint" option from the menu.
    You can now select the color you want to apply as a tint to the skin. Adjust the intensity or opacity as desired.
    After customizing the color, tap "Apply" or "Done."
    That's it! You've successfully applied a tint color to the skin in your Snapchat photo. You can experiment with different colors and opacities to achieve the desired effect. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

    i applied this to take pre-tattoo images for my customers, and my customers satisfied and than i applied tattoo.