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Hello, I am looking for help locating, naming, or recreating the filter. It has makeup effect slightly or a haze effect. The real thing I wanna find are these flowers that are around the screen and attach to the face. These flowers flow and move too. They are pink 6 petal flowers that frame the face and screen. I just can't find it since I left my old snapchat account. Apparently I can't add a photo of it tho. But I have a picture of them. Just no name. Thanks!



  • Brother you have to use tween manager to animate your image or object.

  • Greetings, I am inquiring for assistance in the identification, nomenclature, or recreation of a filter characterized by a subtle makeup or haze effect. My primary quest is to locate a specific element within this filter: animated flowers surrounding the screen that seamlessly adhere to the user's face. These flowers exhibit a distinct pink hue and possess six petals, creating a framing effect around both the face and the screen. Unfortunately, since my departure from my previous Snapchat account, the pursuit of this filter has proven elusive. Regrettably, I am unable to append a visual representation of the filter; however, I do possess an image of the aforementioned animated flowers. The challenge lies in the absence of a discernible name for this filter. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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