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When I'm logged into my main account on Lens Studio, I can publish lenses, and everything seems to work as usual. Last night, I also successfully published a lens on my second account. However, this morning, when I log into Lens Studio and try to publish lenses or check insights on this website:, I keep receiving a 'something went wrong' error. This issue is occurring only with one account; the other accounts are not facing this problem. It seems that the issue may not be related to the Lens Studio software. Is there any solution for this? I'm quite distressed by this.


  • Manikant Lakshkar

    solution please

  • Clifford Nunez


  • Mike Berry
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    do you publish lenses very often? i wonder if there is an issue with rate of uploading or it very well could be a issue that will go away in a day or two. I have had many lenses not be able to be published for several days with no reasoning behind it. good luck!