Spotlight views issue


Hey everyone, quick question. So earlier today I posted a snap on spotlight and after an hour I got a notification from Snapchat saying "Milestone - Your snap is on fire. Your snap has been viewed over 300 times!". I opened the app and the view count on that snap was 80, then I logged in from my PC and the view count was 32. Which one is it? Did this happen to anyone else? I tried to refresh, close and open the app, even update it, nothing.


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    Hey Radu!
    That's an interesting situation! It's possible that there might be a delay in the view count updating across different devices and platforms. Sometimes it takes a bit of time for the view count to sync up properly. I've heard of similar situations happening to others as well.

    To get the most accurate view count, I would recommend checking it directly on your phone within the Snapchat app. That's usually the most reliable source for tracking views. If you're still experiencing discrepancies, you can try reaching out to Snapchat support for further assistance. Keep creating awesome content, and I hope your snaps continue to get lots of views! ✌️

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