Problems with publishing my lens

Priko Ser
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Hi, I'm trying to publish my lens but after I enter all the project info (preview video, icon, etc) Picsart mod apk Studio redirects me to a webpage with a blank screen and nothing else happens. I already followed this steps mentioned in the forum but after that I still can't publish that lenses.

I am using Connected Lenses. Could this be influencing not being able to publish? If the project uses any of the restricted APIs when using Connected Lenses.


    JHONE lOUIS Posts: 1

    Publishing a lens can sometimes present challenges that require careful consideration and resolution. One common issue is ensuring the content is unique and engaging, capturing the interest of the target audience of My Team Names. Technical problems, such as formatting errors, compatibility issues, or broken links, can also impede the publishing process.

  • Mike Berry
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    Generally when something like that happens it is some small error that is impeding the program from rendering successfully. I would suggest double checking each line of your lens to make sure there are not conflicting assets. Maybe try looking at the connected lenses feature itself. Since it appears to still be in beta it could be hindering the ability the publish!