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Hello, we recently updated the Camera Kit SDK to 1.16 but some lenses we published still cause the app to crash and in the Camera Kit admin panel they require the 1.4 SDK has 1.4 been released? Please advise


  • ForumChris
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    We are happy to help debug why some Lenses are causing the app to crash. Have you been able to reproduce this in the sample app as well? We will follow up offline to get the Lens IDs for these Lenses as well.

    As for the 1.4 SDK version in the CamKit portal. This is the placeholder value that we use when a Lens is published with a version that we don't have in our table yet. I will make a note of this to that team so we can get this updated. In the meantime, this table is up to date if you need to confirm compatibilities.