Lens Studio Tooltips

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We launched Lens Studio Tooltips during the LS 4.31 release on 10/5 for 8 key features, and the product team has some questions for you:

  • Did you find the tooltips easily discoverable?
  • Did you find the tooltips useful?
  • Which next 5 features would you like to have tooltips for?

Let us know in the comments!


  • I am still stuck with LS 4.28.1 and its working fine for me. I hate updating cos it just might give some unpleasant surprises.
    Just add a feature where I can edit Image in Lens Studio at run time cos it crashes if I do use photoshop and save it directly into lens studio project folder while LS is running.
    Add a feature where I can adjust texture on the face mesh. May be its possible using Node but I am not that good with Nodes.

  • ocean.sips
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    I wasn't able to upgrade from the app itself. And I did try downloading the new version from the web, but the download button just won't work.

  • ocean.sips
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    Ok, I was finally able to download the new version using firefox (won't download with chrome).

    Haven't seen the tooltips so far, but I haven't tried the new version much yet.