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Running CameraKit iOS app for long time (REALLY long time)


Hello everyone,
Recently received request about the app development which will be in kiosk mode and wanted to run for at least 1 month period 24/7. I am expecting some issues with this, but not sure exactly which ones.
Memory leaks? Loosing internet connection(it is required for app to function)?
Will be really thankful if someone can share similar experience or can point the direction to research more information about this case.

Thanks a lot, Max


  • stevenxu
    stevenxu Posts: 612 👻

    @ukn0wwh014m thanks! Just checked with the team and will let you know what I hear back.

  • arashp
    arashp Posts: 52 🔥🔥
    edited November 2022 #3

    Hi @ukn0wwh014m -- having checked with the team, we have run Camera Kit SDK for several months at a time with just a few interruptions to update the app. You will want to monitor you app, needless to say, but this use case does seem possible.

    This should work on a mobile device but you might also consider an iOS app on an Mac M1.

    As you point out, you will want to profile your app carefully and investigate any memory leaks. Also while camera Kit SDK can cache Lenses, it does require network connectivity to load and update them.