Snap Terms and Conditions bug

hello, we have an issue where lenses don't load in Camera Kit because the Snap Terms and Conditions weren't loaded and accepted. The T&C are only loaded after capturing and saving a video in the Lens.

see the issue replicated here


  • stevenxu
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    Thanks @InCitu AR for reporting this issue here! Confirming an internal ticket was created to investigate.

    I will get back to you with either an update or next steps as soon as I hear back.

  • arashp
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    Thank you for pointing me here @stevenxu.

    And thank you for reporting this @InCitu AR. Could you help us with steps to reproduce this issue? What SDK version are currently on? On iOS or Android? And does the SDK always (initially) fail to show the prompt or just sometimes?

  • Hello @arashp
    this is on iOS and using SDK 1.17.0
    it's kind of inconsistent so I guess the answer is sometimes..

  • arashp
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    Hi @InCitu AR, thank you for this information. We are unable to reproduce this in the iOS Sample App using SDK 1.17.0. Would you be able to send us a small sample that does reproduce it? If so, please send it to our support team, so we can have a look:

  • @arashp I’m Dante the iOS dev from Incitu. The issue is the T&C prompt not appearing when we initiate CameraKit. We’re using a modified version of SCSDKCameraKitUI and that’s why I think it could be not working but when using the sample app I still don’t see the T&C prompt even after deleting and reinstalling the sample app, should it appear after every app deletion or is there any logic in place to “remember a device”?

  • arashp
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    Hi @Dante -- thanks for the clarification. That's correct: you should see the ToS if you delete and reinstall an app. If the user has accepted the ToS then the app will remember their choice.

    The ToS is shown in the US only. If you are not seeing it on our sample app and the device is outside the US, then that could be reason. Was the device outside the US (either physically or via VPN) by any chance?