My imported Cloth does not show in studio lens


Hey Im new to studio lens and has very little experience with blender but i wanted to make a AR fashion filter for my exam in three days. So Im using CLO to export an FBX file to Studio Lens but when i import it to the full body mesh, my clothing has several layers og meshes and does not appear on the scene or preview snap chat filter. I Also tried to export my cloth from CLO into Blender and then from there export a FBX file into studio lens but it did the same thing. I hope someone can help me and thank you in advance!


  • Siwse
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    Now i found my cloth but its blue and doesnt seem like there i any texture. And its also far away from my 3D body tracking. what do i do?

  • Anurag Ranjan

    Hey, even I'm facing the same problem. Did you found any solution yet?