• Filter with complex 3D Object

  • 3D Object is a sword

  • Trying to make it so you can grab the hilt of the sword and somewhat accurately hold

  • Just need it to track hand and not fly all over screen

  • Filter triggers when hand makes grabbing motion on object (I want to specify this to just the sword's hilt)


  • Tracking too buggy, object flies all over when you start to move hands.

  • Complex 3D model constantly crashes Lens Studio (fine in blender)

  • Grabs whole object not just the hilt

  • Sword changes size when hands change distance from camera, this is good and bad, because if it worked correctly ... great, but it doesn't. Almost just rather just have the sword stay a constant size

All tips, ideas, questions or responses are welcome and encouraged!




  • Object so close to working correctly, but the object appears to the side of the tracking hand. Thinking of rendering a hand wrapped around the hilt and attaching that to the hand tracking. Anyone have suggestions on how to make the sword appear on top of the hand rather than to the side?