Hair Simulator and Grass & Fur Library No Longer Working on Phone

Creator Brew
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Hi -

Has anyone else experienced this? My previously published lenses that use the Grass & Fur Library no longer work. It will not show the Grass/Fur and the Hair Simulator template no longer works too on the phone.

Looks fine in the simulator. And worked previously on phone.

If this isn't the right place to post this bug, appreciate it if you let me know where I should post contact.

To test, 1) started a new project. 2) Selected Hair Simulator as template 3) Tried it on the phone and hair doesn't show up.

I deleted snap on phone and reinstalled, still the hair will not show up.


  • Creator Brew

    The answer is to check the "fallback mode" along with Loaded strands and sim. strands... while this wasn't needed last month, for whatever reason this works now.