Incorrect size of the facemesh after face deformation ! Any script to change origin scan face?


Hello, I am a beginner, but I learn quickly and I find that the snap lens is accessible.
As said in the title, I have a mesh problem with the size of this one.

The face mesh is not the right size after deforming the face. It keeps the shape of the basic face, without including the modification of this one on the next cameras.

I leave you an example with a the basic "baby face" script actived and a half facemesh

  • Is there a option or a script that can change the origin of the face scan?
    I can use blendshape face mesh to change the size, but it's totally not optimized and not really similar. That doesn't work well either

Thank you for your replys and for reading me. Have a good day.
(Sorry for my english, i'm not native)


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    Solved by LS! Deleted baby component!
    Thank you
    Radical fix ...