How Do I fix This Error when I add Screen Image?


Hey guys, i tried to use 4.22.1 and 4.25.1 version of Lens Studio and everytime I Add A Screen Image Right off the Start, i get this error:

[Scenarium] [Scenarium] Fragment Shader build error: 0(1670) : error C1503: undefined variable "sc_GetGlFragCoord"

I also have 4.34 version installed when I add Screen Image, i don't get the error, but the prob is, when I upload Lenses from 4.34, SnapCam doen't support it, 1 Lens just freezes, and the other has Checkered Textures although they are not Textures from resources, they are just Tweens and Components. So I'm guessing maybe becuase SnapCam is only supporting up to 4.25 version of Lens Studio.