Is it possible to record a video in chunks using the snap camera kit?

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Recording video in chunks means: record something for a while, then pause for sometime, again record something and so on..

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    @newzera dev Looks like you also raised a support ticket on this topic and is now resolved. B)

    Sharing here for future devs that might have the same question:

    There is no direct API to do that however app dev can use the current APIs to start-stop recording themselves.


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    @newzera dev Hmm good question.. You should be able to, but let me double check with our team. Hang tightt thanks!

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    On iOS you can totally implement this yourself using the SCCameraKitOutputRequiringPixelBufferDelegate to grab the camera frame and pipe them into an AVAssetWriter

    class CameraKitOutputToImage: NSObject, Output, OutputRequiringPixelBuffer, SCCameraKitOutputRequiringPixelBufferDelegate  {
        var view: UIViewController;
        var currentlyRequiresPixelBuffer: Bool
        var delegate: SCCameraKitOutputRequiringPixelBufferDelegate?
        func outputChangedRequirements(_ output: OutputRequiringPixelBuffer) {
        func cameraKit(_ cameraKit: CameraKitProtocol, didOutputTexture texture: Texture) {
        func cameraKit(_ cameraKit: CameraKitProtocol, didOutputVideoSampleBuffer sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer) {
            // you get your frames here! pipe them into your video creator
        func cameraKit(_ cameraKit: CameraKitProtocol, didOutputAudioSampleBuffer sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer) {
        init (view: UIViewController) {
            self.currentlyRequiresPixelBuffer = true;
            self.view = view;
        func togglePixelBuffer () {
            self.currentlyRequiresPixelBuffer = !self.currentlyRequiresPixelBuffer;
    class CustomizedCameraViewController: CameraViewController {
        @State private var cameraFrame: CameraKitOutputToImage?
        override func viewDidLoad() {
                self.cameraController.cameraKit.add(output: cameraFrame(view: self));

    Warning: this next part is unverified GPT output

    import AVFoundation
    class VideoCreator {
        private var assetWriter: AVAssetWriter!
        private var videoInput: AVAssetWriterInput!
        private var pixelBufferAdaptor: AVAssetWriterInputPixelBufferAdaptor!
        init(outputURL: URL, size: CGSize) {
            do {
                assetWriter = try AVAssetWriter(outputURL: outputURL, fileType: .mp4)
                let videoOutputSettings: [String: Any] = [
                    AVVideoCodecKey: AVVideoCodecType.h264,
                    AVVideoWidthKey: size.width,
                    AVVideoHeightKey: size.height
                videoInput = AVAssetWriterInput(mediaType: .video, outputSettings: videoOutputSettings)
                pixelBufferAdaptor = AVAssetWriterInputPixelBufferAdaptor(assetWriterInput: videoInput, sourcePixelBufferAttributes: nil)
                if assetWriter.canAdd(videoInput) {
            } catch {
                print("Error initializing AVAssetWriter: \(error.localizedDescription)")
        func start() {
            if assetWriter.startWriting() {
                assetWriter.startSession(atSourceTime: .zero)
        func append(sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer) {
            if let pixelBuffer = CMSampleBufferGetImageBuffer(sampleBuffer) {
                while !videoInput.isReadyForMoreMediaData {
                pixelBufferAdaptor.append(pixelBuffer, withPresentationTime: CMSampleBufferGetPresentationTimeStamp(sampleBuffer))
        func finish(completion: @escaping () -> Void) {
            assetWriter.finishWriting {

    Then you would add code like this into the delegate wherever it makes sense

    let outputURL = ... // URL to save the mp4 file
    let videoSize = CGSize(width: 1280, height: 720)
    let videoCreator = VideoCreator(outputURL: outputURL, size: videoSize)
    func cameraKit(_ cameraKit: CameraKitProtocol, didOutputVideoSampleBuffer sampleBuffer: CMSampleBuffer) {
          //if is user holding down record then {
          videoCreator.append(sampleBuffer: yourSampleBuffer)
    // if user is done recording then {
    videoCreator.finish {
        print("Video saved!")
    // }
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    @aidan MVP. Ty!