Erase legs

I can see there are several body templates, and also eraser components in the assets library (like Body Eraser, Eraser post effect, ML eraser, etc). But I can´t get them to delete just part of the lower body.

What I want, I want to delete the legs only


  • I was able to do this by using ML Eraser (twice). Take a look:

  • That method works. Except when people use short pants :/
    Legs won't disappear, only garments.

  • @Libasoles I came to this method - using fullbody mesh with luma mask at about waist level (you can make it with 2d texture in photosop, I made it in shadergraph material with ramps to control mask height level with sliders),
    and a dedicated camera, that renders this legs to a legs render target, that can be used in eraser matte.

    in main camera add fullbodymesh > but set it to render in a different layer, let's say LegsMatteLayer> create camera, with name like LegsCamera, set this camera's layer to LegsMatteLayer > set a new render target for this camera, let it be LegsRenderTarget (don't forget to set this render target's layer Clear Color mode to Color, and set color to black.)

    then in Eraser mask parameter select LegsRenderTarget

    PS - it will be great to Push body mesh geometry along the normals (using material editor), so it'g geometry cover more area in case if user has big pants etc..