Baking and importing baked normals from blender


Dear Community,
Does anyone have any thoughts on how to bake normals in Blender and have those come through the import to Lens Studio? I see that the Blender export guide recommends moving image textures into the project folder, however I would love a little bit more info. Thank you for reading


  • Naomi Eberle

    Hey Misha! I've found that making a new material in LS is often a good solution if your materials aren't automatically importing.

    1. Make an Uber PBR Material and select it.
    2. Drag your Normal map texture from the Resources panel into the Normal map slot in the Inspector (might have to unroll the "Graph Parameters" to show the texture slots)
    3. Add your model into the scene
    4. Apply the new Uber PBR material to the Render Mesh Visual component on your model.

    Let me know if that helps!