[Feature Request] Debug Prints On Screen

Krunal Bharat Gediya
edited December 2022 in General #1

Heya LensCom, Really amazed by the LensFest first day sessions, looking forward to the next ones.
Okay so this may be a niche request but it would be really helpful for testing process without additional setup. So you know how we can print out console messages and I can see it in lens studio debugger? Can we have something similar on the lens testing on devices? I mean ofc I can setup text components and map the print statements to the text elements but what if we can get a mini debugger inside the lens while running in debug mode? That would be so handy to use and debug the lenses on the device.


  • Bakari Mustafa
    Bakari Mustafa Posts: 178 🔥🔥🔥

    Agreed, Currently, the Lens Studio debugger does not have the ability to display console messages on the device. However, you can use the print function to output messages to the console in Lens Studio, which can be useful for debugging. To view these messages, you can open the console in Lens Studio by going to Window > Console.