Exposure To Lens Creators & Creations

Krunal Bharat Gediya
edited December 2022 in General #1

So I had tuned in to yesterday's Twitter Space Round Table. Some really great and insightful conversations!

When I asked about the audience reach, Spotlight is the answer we received. But what I am currently observing is the exposure of lens creators is limited on the content created using the lens.

Also one main thing which I would love to watch are the creations created using my lenses. So while the insights show me that my lenses have been viewed and shared millions of times, I cannot actually check out who and how are they being used. I can understand the privacy could be one of the factors here but atleast can we have a dashboard where I can see the spotlights/stories shared by public profile users created using my lens? That would be really awesome !


  • modelsbymike3d

    If your lens is being used on Spotlight, there is a way to see the videos being made with it. Open up the lens in Snapchat, click on the lens name in the top left (the little "i" icon), and if it is being used on Spotlight there will be an option to "View Lens Page." But I definitely agree it would be awesome to see how lenses are being used on public stories.