My Lens was rejected after being live for the past 3 years, why?


Recently I received and email informing me my lens “cutie v2” had been rejected for violating community guidelines. I’m not sure how this is possible as it has been live for almost 3 years and the only thing the filter does is smooth the skin and add a lighting affect, why did this happen?


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    Rejection happens when it checks with how many devices will it work with. If it creates and error in some devices it rejects that's obvious in recent made lenses.
    But in your case as you said for past 3 years right. So devices has been upgraded. Server + version has been upgraded too. So what it means the server found error in your lens as its not working with most recent devices. So it was rejected.
    If you update your old project and resubmit it will be accepted with zero error hopefully.
    If you still get rejected the trick that I found is publish it as hidden mode.
    And later after it get accepted go online and make it public.

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    Happened to me as well, as far as I understand this happens because with time Snapchat has to update its policies. Rest assured most of the changes they ask for are minor, at least for me