Music in lenses, when is it ok.


Never, there is no reason to put music into a lens unless it is specifically a music based lens. Otherwise you are not adding additional atmosphere, or grabbing somebodies attention in a way you want, you are annoying and inconveniencing countless people with a truly unnecessary creative choice. Ever go to the lens search page with a noisey lens having not fully loaded now becoming the soundtrack to everything to you do until you go back and close it? ever go to use a lens that is really cool looking cough colorful pencil and neon lines only to be forced to either listen to music you never want to hear again or go to settings to mute your phone, because volume key shutter is useful unlike electro beats emanating from a smart phone speaker or worse directly into your mind via bluetooth.

Some people like to leave lenses on and just admire themselves with augmented reality enhanced narcissism, don't make them have to mute. There is no song that comes on randomly from snapchat that will be liked for long.

Dear advertisers and companies, I could probably write a whole list of how to make lenses people actually want to use but staying on track... I understand sudden loud noises grab peoples attention and repetition of songs/jingles breeds familiarity and recognition but... this is not the radio or TV. I am not exaggerating at all when I say that any brand occupying the prime first few lens slots who opts to subject users ears to your abominably noise, goes on a list of products and brands I will never use again if I have any choice. Awkwardly realizing you have your volume to high in a library when you just want to zombie mode some streaks? hey thanks Dasani, startling yourself or scaring off the rare bird you were going to snap? hey cheers Proline, welcome to the boycott. You guys know it's not a requirement to be obnoxious and loathsome to advertise, I imagine people actually using those lenses instead of having to click past them like a minefield would trump the old marketing psychology bible in this particular use case [and the coming metaverse disruption]

I was intentionally vitriolic and despite seemingly just complain about a personal rage inducing annoying grievance. It's really about people making lenses and people using them, and music is something you can add to just about anything right? it's not needed, I am fairly sure it's not wanted there is no person I have asked that likes it so at best you are shooting for indifference towards it for something that adds nothing to the end product namely the snap [save for music specific lenses]. I would prefer to pander to the person who uses my lens in 50% of their snaps because it fixes their insecurest facial feature [ok not mine cause they aren't that good or basic enough] than make a strong first impression only to have that turn into resentment in a fairly short amount of time.
Hugs, Isador.