Why doesn't it show me the remote assets in the publications?


Attached is a sample file (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wh2yIXNzs5ZNpzcGinEEPN3qPLQL82Yb/view?usp=share_link)
The linked remote asset is assigned to my organization "ste-edel". In the preview window the remote asset (duck) is visible, on the other hand when published the duck is missing.
(Lens ID: c5ecf2da-3602-4ac5-acf4-2d5979555f71).
This is part of my bachelor thesis and that's why I need help quickly.
Thanks a lot

Stefan Edelmann


  • AHMAD Khawaldah

    When placing a three-dimensional object
    Make sure the location of the layer for the body in the general arrangement of the layers, as it appears in front of the other layers, taking into account the other bodies

    Also, make sure on the display screen that the triangular object is symmetrical in terms of vision x , z