[Android Sample] How to create a custom layout & lenses carousel

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Camera Kit Sample Custom Lenses Carousel and Camera Preview

This sample app shows how to create a custom carousel for your lenses and use a custom layout to display a camera preview with lenses applied using Camera Kit.


Open project's gradle.properties file and enter values for com.snap.camerakit.application.id , com.snap.camerakit.api.token from Snap Kit Developer Portal and com.snap.camerakit.lenses.group.id from your Camera Kit Portal. After that to build, install and launch the camerakit-sample-custom-carousel on a connected device follow one of the following options:

Command Line

  • ./gradlew camerakit-sample-custom-carousel:installDebug

  • adb shell am start -n com.snap.camerakit.sample.carousel/com.snap.camerakit.sample.carousel.MainActivity

Select the camerakit-sample-custom-carousel module configuration and click run:

Create custom layout and lenses carousel

  1. Create a ViewStub that you will be passing to Camera Kit Session object. In this sample app this is done in activity_main.xml file with a View with camera_kit_stub ID. This View will be used to inflate a view hierarchy from the Camera Kit Session which includes rendering camera preview with a lens applied.
  2. Attach the ViewStub to Camera Kit Session using its builder's attachTo method. This is done in MainActivity.kt file in this example.
  3. In this sample we are using the Camera Kit's CameraXImageProcessorSource support class for the image processing input at the time of Session creation in MainActivity.kt file. However, you are free to use your own image processing input and connect it to Session.processor .
  4. We are using RecyclerView with GridLayoutManager for the lenses carousel. Once you have the view hierarchy setup you can simply query the lenses repository from the Session.lenses object to fetch lenses group and fill the RecyclerView with the group's items using custom layout as a carousel.
  5. Fetching from the lenses repository is done in the MainActivity.kt file using the cameraKitSession.lenses.repository.observe method - the retrieved list of lenses are then passed on to LensesAdapter.kt file as a list of LensesComponent.Lens objects.

Interaction Examples

  1. Open the lenses carousel by clicking on the lens explorer button to the left of the capture button:

  1. Click on the lens icon to apply that particular lens with auto-flip camera (front or rear facing) as per the lens' camera facing preference set in the Lens Studio project.

  2. Swipe down to go full screen and hide the lenses carousel:

  1. Flip the camera button to toggle between the front or the rear facing camera.

  2. Highlight the selected lens item in lenses carousel.

  1. Capture a photo or a video to preview it, and share it with other apps using the Android's share sheet:

  1. Click on the cancel button to clear any applied lens and present the camera with no lens applied:

  1. Tap on the preview screen while the lenses carousel is open to make it go full screen: