uploading error, cannot open file uniforms.glsl

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Hello, I am trying to publish my lens for the second time and update it, but it keeps giving me this error which I think there is a missed file that lens studio cannot find it, this is the full error (Uploading error, cannot open file C:\Users\PC Name\AppData\Local\Snap\Lens Studio\cache\temp\StudiovLPTHffoYCNy\Files\File92\pass0\includes\uniforms.glsl).
I found out there is not (uniforms.glsl) file in my computer at that location.
please fix my error and solve my problem, it would be really appreciated.

you can see the error here:-


  • Bakari Mustafa
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    This can happen if the file was deleted or moved to a different location.

    Here are a few things you can try to resolve this issue:

    1. Double check the path and make sure that the file truly is missing.
    2. Check the path in your code and make sure that it is the correct location of the file.
    3. Make sure you have included the correct file format in the code, sometimes there is a typo in the code and the file format would be (uniforms.glslv) instead of (uniforms.glsl)
    4. If you're using a resource pack, make sure that it's installed and that the resource pack's files are present in the project.
    5. You can try to create a new .glsl file with that name in the same location to see if the error will fix.